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From hundreds of our products designed in Japan, here are a few of our top products handpicked by professionals all around the world

RN-8150 $17.9 View Product
RN-5020-Blue $8 View Product
RN-5030 $13.5 View Product
RN-8660 $17 View Product
RN-8126 $29 View Product
RN-8187 $22.87 View Product
RN-8720 $17 View Product
RN-8730 $9 View Product
RN-8740 $14 View Product
RN-8831 $12 View Product
RN-8891 $17 View Product
RN-8180 $15.7 View Product
RN-8196 $25 View Product
RN-8650 $17 View Product

Japanese Perfection

Designed from Japan, the cordless operation charging with batteries, which charges in 5 hours and works more than 45 minutes. Sharp and hard stainless steel bllade make cutting easy two speeds. ABS materials and ergonomic design makes the touch comfortable, the spare parts nose trimmer, shaver and blade head change easy.

Provide more choices for stylish design with the help of combs. At Redien, we don't do anything else, just focus on giving you an innovative life.

Bestselling Trimmers

Want the best beard trimmer for you money? We've compiled lists of our best selling beard trimmers within popular price ranges. No matter your budget you can be sure you're looking at the products that are best for you.


RN Branded Trimmer

Starts from $8


RN Branded Trimmer

Starts from $13.5


RN Branded Trimmer

Starts from $14.9


RN Branded Trimmer

Starts from $29

Hair Clipper

·   Washable trimmer heads
·   Easy to clean
·   Easy to operate
·   Low maintenance
·   Sharp blade, endurance

For any beard type

Redien Japan's wide array of blades, trimmer heads and motors help shape and style your beard and hair- any length, any thickness

More Features

Easy to rinse clean

Cleaning your clippers is something that must be done.

Easy maintenance

Keep The Blades Clean. Before you begin to trim your own or some other's hair.

Replace with 1 click

RedienJapan has Professional Detachable Replacement Clipper Blade.

Adjustable trimming Blade

Package includes the trimmer, cutting guides, cleaning brush and blade guard.

Washable hair clipper

Model No: RN-8166 is Washable Beard & Hair Trimmer For men.

Ceramic moving blade

Radien Japan Customized Ceramic Moving Blade Hair Cutting Clipper.


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